Networking and 'Marketplace' Opportunities at the ASSEMBLE Plus Conference 2021 | Assemble+

Networking and 'Marketplace' Opportunities at the ASSEMBLE Plus Conference 2021


Networking and 'Marketplace' Opportunities at the ASSEMBLE Plus Conference 2021

From 18th to 29th January 2021, “ASSEMBLE Plus Conference 2021 - Marine biological research at the frontier” will be taking place online. 

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The Conference has been designed to provide an opportunity for researchers, academia, industry and policy makers to connect, share their knowledge and establish partnerships.

  • Registration is free and simple.  We have an agenda full of excellent speakers on a range of topics. We strongly encourage you to take a look at the programme and sign up to any number of lectures, round tables, service demonstrations and 1-2-1 meetings today.
  • Present your products or services in a marketplace: The B2match platform also allows a participant, organization or industry, to present services and products, partnerships or expertise. Participants can add this information in the “Marketplace” tab of their area as well as find a list of opportunities to strengthen collaborations, cement partnerships or find solutions.
  • Organise your own 1-2-1s with other participants: The online platform also allows participants to interact with each other, by scheduling b2b meetings. This way, participants can contact industry representatives, decision makers and other researchers and academics. Scheduling a meeting is easy, just register for the sessions marked as "Brokerage event" in the programme and look at the list of participants to see who is available that  meets your match-making interests (see step-by-step below).  In these meetings, participants can use the video and chat of the platform to talk to each other. And even if you don't register immediately or need to make adjustments to these schedules, it can be done any time in your personal area of the platform.
  • Note: That the Cryopreservation Brokerage Event on 28th January 2021 is intended for those attending the prior session (11.30am-12.30pm).


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