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Access providers and research infrastructures

Within ASSEMBLE Plus you are given the opportunity to carry out a part of your research project at any of the over 30 access providers. Please check the interactive map below for the locations of these access providers.

The types of research infrastructure available within ASSEMBLE Plus include sampling and field access, biochemical and biological analysis, maintenance and culture of organisms, microscopy, molecular biology and bio-informatics and more!

Our access providers

Click on the arrow to explore the access providers available for the 2nd call.
Find more information following the link for each access provider (blue dot).


Contacting the access providers in ASSEMBLE Plus

Each access provider in ASSEMBLE Plus has a "liaison officer", the reference person for the assessment of the feasibility of your project.
Please contact by email the liaison officer to discuss the details of your planned transnational access project.
Click on the blue box below for their list.


The research infrastructures

Within each access provider, ASSEMBLE Plus offers access to a wide range of research infrastructures.
You can browse the application system (coming soon) to check the research infrastructures you require for your research activity during the transnational access.

The research infrastructures are grouped under the following categories:

  • Ecosystem access
    research vessels for coastal activities, sampling equipment, SCUBA diving, submersibles (ROVs, AUVs)
  • Biological resources
    marine model organisms, culture collections and biobanks (microalgae, cyanobacteria, bacteria, seaweeds, viruses, zooplankton, and fish); species collected upon request, preservation of marine organisms (cryopreservation, revitalisation of cryopreserved and lyophilised material)
  • Experimental facilities
    aquaria and tanks, mesocosms (land-based and sea-based), bioreactors, climate controlled rooms, wet laboratories, dry laboratories
  • Technology platforms
    fluorescence microscopy, TEM and SEM imaging, confocal microscopy, flow cytometry and micro-CTbio-imaging, genotyping, sequence analysis, qPCR, high throughput sequencing, biochemical analysis, bioassays, bio-activity assays, HPLC, mass spectrometry, metabolomics profiling and structural elucidation, remote sensing and telemetry
  • E-infrastructure
    data sets, access to data repositories, data analysis, computing and storage infrastructure
  • Supporting facilities
    library services, in-house lodging, in-house catering
  • Expert advice
    experimental design, strain/specimen identification, other expert advice

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