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How to apply?

ASSEMBLE Plus TA proposals are submitted via an online application system accessible from this ASSEMBLE Plus website: from selecting the access provider services you want to use, through writing and submitting your proposal, to following its subsequent progress. On this page you will find a short step-by-step guide to the entire process. These steps are explained in more detail in the Application System - How To guide, which we recommend you consult before and while you are working in the application system. 


Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Am I eligible?

To apply for access to ASSEMBLE Plus you have to meet the eligibility criteria outlined here.

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Step 2: Check out the ASSEMBLE Plus access providers

Check out the ASSEMBLE Plus access providers to see the infrastructures and services available for your research project. Check out the interactive map for a list of access providers and their liaison officer contacts.

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Step 3: Register on the system and fill in your user profile (if a first-time user)

It is necessary to register before you can select and save any services in the next steps. Registration is done here. Wait for the confirmation email, confirm, and then log in and fill in your user profile  — this is mandatory, otherwise you will not be able to save services or submit proposals. 

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Step 4: Check the research infrastructures and services available for this call

To search for specific research infrastructures and services offered by the ASSEMBLE Plus access providers for this call, you need to search the database via the Call page. Here you can fine-tune your search by filtering on various parameters; if you have identified a particular access provider you are interested in, the most useful filter is "Institute". You can select services using the "Add to proposal" button next to each serivce listing. Please have patience while working on this page, it can take a while to load. However, please note that this Call page was specific to Call 2 and has now closed. When Call 3 opens an new link will be made and you will be able to access that here. In fact, Call 3 onwards will be continuous and the link will always be open, but until then, this point in the process is unavailable to you. The dates of the following calls can be found on this page.

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Step 5: Contact the access provider

The next step is to contact the selected access provider(s) through their liaison officers to discuss the requirements of your project and which of the services in offer you should select for your proposal. Please remember: this step is mandatory. 

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Step 6: Log in the application system

Log in to your user account. Here you can view your proposals and continue to edit them. You can also access the user account from the Call page which is linked directly from the top menu of any ASSEMBLE Plus page ("Our services ...").

Please do not click on any of the menu items at the top of the page, as they will take you out of the ASSEMBLE Plus system. Also, please do not use the Login link in the main menu of the ASSEMBLE Plus pages: this is for internal use only.

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Step 7: Create, save, and submit your proposal

a. Before creating your project proposal

Your proposal is written via a web-form, which you can get to by clicking on the “Go to proposal form” on the Call page. It is recommended to select the services you finally want for your proposal (after discussion with the liaison officer) before clicking on this.

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b. The project proposal

The proposal form is divided into three sections:

  • Project Overview: you provide here a title, acronym, and keywords of your proposal
  • Scientific and Technical Description: in this section you provide the scientific and technical details of your project. You are asked to download a Word template which you can fill offline, save as pdf, and then upload back into the web-form. Instructions are provided within this template. Note that (due to a temporary glitch) you should upload your pdf immediately before you actually submit the proposal (if you upload it before this point, you will have to upload again).
  • Services Selection: contains the services you selected from the Call page. You have to add some dates to these services. 

If you have problems with the Word template, please contact the ">Access Office (, cc to

From the proposal form you can save, submit, download, and be directed back to the Call page or your User page.

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c. Adding or removing servivces from the proposal

To add more services please follow these steps:

  1. save your proposal (button at the bottom of the page)
  2. open the Call page in a new tab of your browser, and select the new services you want
  3. go back to the project proposal form tab, and refresh the page
  4. the list is automatically updated in the proposal form

You can remove services in your proposal directly from the proposal form.

Please note: you are allowed to request only up to three access providers in any proposal (but any number of services from each access provider).

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d. View saved or submitted proposal; edit saved proposals; create a new proposal

You can check your saved or submitted proposals on your user account
You can only create one proposal at a time. After you submit a proposal, you can start with a new one following exactly the same process.

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Step 8. After submission

Project proposals are evaluated following the steps summarised here. This process takes about six weeks.
You will be informed via email about acceptance/rejection of your proposal.

For more information on procedures and evaluation criteria on project proposals, please check the “Transnational Access Policy” document in the Download Area.

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