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Remote access

Remote access

Transnational Access normally means that you as a user are hosted at the access provider and carry out your work there. However, access to some types of services does not require you to be physically present. We call this “remote access”.

Services for remote access include (but are not restricted to):

a) Sample and specimen collection, processing and shipment
b) Taxonomic identification of specimens
c) Rearing of organisms
d) Analytical procedures
e) Procurement of strains from culture collections

Applications requiring exclusively remote access are reviewed on rolling basis
(no deadline for submission).

Applications for remote access will be reviewed until June 2020.

Check in the expandable blocks below the research services offered for remote access projects. Once you find the research service required for your project, please follow the instructions on the "How to apply" page". The guide "Application step by step" provides information on how to submit a remote access request (check "Step 2" of the submission procedure).


Research services offered for remote access

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