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How to apply ?



A proposal to use an ASSEMBLE Plus service or services has two parts: the selection of the services, and the description of the scientific project. These two together constitute a request. The project and the services are created independently of each other, and you can create any number of projects. To then create a request, you can either to select one project and the services to go with that, or you select the services you want and the project to go with that – only once both have been selected do you have a request. You can save requests before you submit them. You can select more than one service to be associated with any project, and you can re-use a project to create a new request. 

There are two routes into creating a request:

  1. If you already have an EMBRC account: when you log in via the Log In link, you will be able to access tables of your exiting Requests and Projects. From these you can create new request or projects, or select existing ones to continue working on them. 
  2. If you are a new user: you can either first register via the Log in page, or you can go straight to the Service Offer Catalogue to select the services you want, from there you are directed to a Log in/Register page, after logging in you can create a project to go with the services you selected

Note that when you register you are asked to write your scientific curriculum vitae in a text box, and optionally you can attach a PDF. If you have already registered but did not do this before, do so now. 

A step-by-step guide for these two entry points.

Entry via the Log In: 

  • Log on and go to the link "View your pending requests and edit your user profile"
  • From the page you are taken to, you can go to the Requests tab to see your existing requests. Those which have not been submitted can be selected to edit, or you can create a new request
  • If you select an existing Request, you are directed to a page with a drop-down list of your all of your projects, which includes the project you attached to that request but also lists your other projects and allows you to create a new project. Below that are the services you had previously selected for that request, which you can chose to add to or remove from. You can save or submit your request there, or if you do decide to edit/create the project or add/remove services, you can follow the procedures described below
  • If you create a new Request, you are sent to the Service Offer Catalogue and you follow the procedures described below
  • The same options are offered in the Projects tab: but whether you select to create a new project or edit an existing one, in both cases you are sent straight to the project form, which you can fill in and save or print. To create a request from that project, you can click on the link in that form that will direct you to the Service Offer Catalogue, or you can straight to the services link yourself, and follow the procedures described below. Attaching services to the project creates a new request, which you can save or immediately submit


Entry via the Service Offer Catalogue:

  • Browse the available resources, filtering as required (on the left hand-side) by: Category; and/or: Country; and/or: Institute
  • Select a resource by clicking on "Add to wish list" (you can remove or add new services at any time in the process)
  • When finished selecting click on "Go to Request form", in the upper right corner. You will be redirected to the login page. First time users need to register. Users who already registered can use their log in credentials. Note that this log in is to the EMBRC site, even though you are using ASSEMBLE Plus services (the two projects are intimately related)
  • After logging in, the procedure continues with the project application. You are present with a drop-down box of existing projects, which you can select to edit or you can create a new project
  • When editing a new/existing project, you can chose to save your edits at any time and you can also print the project
  • Once the new project has been saved, it will be added to your list of projects. Upon saving, you are sent back to the page with the drop-down box of projects (in which your new project is now listed) with the services you selected previously. If you are happy with this, you can submit your request. If you want to wait a while, you can save your request. In both cases it is then added to your list of requests, the only difference being a that submitted request can no longer be edited
  • After submission, an email will be sent to your account to confirm successful registration
  • To continue working on an existing request or project, follow the procedures described above

Before starting to create a request, please read to the Applicant Guidelines to familiarise with the proposal submission process, including eligibility criteria, project evaluation criteria, ethical requirements, etc. You can also consult the FAQs. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact our Access Officer by email or telephone (+33 1 44 277266).

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