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User group obligations

Once the transnational access has come to an end, each user group is requested to provide the following information:

  • 1. Confirmation of Access 

- The liaison officer drafts the "Confirmation of Access" form, completing the timetable detailing the research infrastructures accessed by the user group during the TA and send it to the project leader
- the project leader checks the form and if OK signs it
- the form is countersigned by the liaison officer or person in charge
- the form must be returned to the access officer by the liaison officer or the person in charge as pdf with the subject:
"<User Project number>_Confirmation_of_Access.pdf" to
Please note: this document is mandatory for the re-funding of expenses incurred during the TA. 

  • 2. Transnational Access Activity Report

Within four weeks after the end of the TA, the user or project leader must submit a TA Activity Report describing objectives, methods, and preliminary results of the TA. This report must include also a Data Management Plan.
The report must be submitted as pdf with document name "<User-Project number>_TA_Activity_Report.pdf" and be sent with the document name in the subject to and cc’d to the liaison officer of the access provider.
Please note: this document is mandatory for the re-funding of expenses incurred during the TA. 

    • 3. User questionnaire on Transnational Access

    Within 4 weeks after the end of the visit, the project leader should complete the user group questionnaire at the following link:
    A copy must be sent to with the subject “<User Project number>_User_group_questionnaire.pdf". To create the pdf, use the online tool on the right column of the webpage. At question 1 of the questionnaire ("Number and Acronym of the Project"), please insert "730984 ASSEMBLE Plus".
    The European Commission requests this questionnaire from any user group in any TA project supported under an EC Research Infrastructure grant agreement. This document allows the evaluation of the Research Infrastructures Action, the monitoring of the individual grant agreements, and improvement of the services provided to the scientific community.
    Please note: this document is mandatory for the re-funding of expenses incurred during the TA. 

        • 4. Acknowledgments of funding

        Outcomes (publications, presentations, patents, etc.) resulting from work carried out under the ASSEMBLE Plus TA activity must acknowledge the ASSEMBLE Plus project as follows: “The research leading to these results received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730984, ASSEMBLE Plus project”. The links of such publications must be sent to with the subject "ASSEMBLE PLUS TA: publication link <User-Project number>" to be stored in the EMBRC Open Access archive.

        For more information on the procedure required after the TA please check the "ASSEMBLE Plus TA policy" document or contact the Access Officer at

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