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Virtual Access

Improving virtual access to marine biological stations data, information and knowledge (NA2), will be established through the following activities:

  • A Virtual Open Access Entry Point to data resources will be set up. This central entry point will allow users to access common ASSEMBLE Plus data resources (from Joint Research Activities, Networking Activities and Transnational Access). The portal will also provide information on community data policies and standards, experimental protocols/logs, and the outcomes of benchmarking exercises. 
  • Access to and standardisation of genomic and long-term marine biodiversity observation data will be improved. Most marine biological stations collect and manage historical time-series of biodiversity data. However, many valuable historic datasets still remain inaccessible to the larger scientific community. Part of this activity will be to train the marine biological stations and genomic observatory stations to provide access to these types of data. This will include documenting, annotating, archiving, quality controlling and dealing with the IPR issues through existing licensing approaches (e.g. use of moratorium periods and accreditation by producing data citations and data papers). The described data series will be incorporated into the Virtual Analysis Platform (see below).
  • A Virtual Platform for Data Analysis will be set up. The standardised data from long-term biodiversity and genomics observatories will be connected to a Virtual Analysis Platform. This platform will be an online portal that allows the user to select from available datasets and perform predefined processing and analysis workflows on the selected data. Examples of workflows offered by the platform are outlier detection, visualisation, statistical analysis, and index calculation workflows for biodiversity observation data and bioinformatics pipelines.

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