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Arctic Sea-Ice Change Workshop

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2018.06.15 - 2018.06.17

Arctic Sea-Ice Change Workshop

The overarching aims of this "Arctic sea-ice change: Insight into near-future change in arctic sea-ice biogeochemistry and associated ecosystem" workshop are to:

  • Summarize the existing knowledge of changes for a number of selected physical and biogeochemical variables and parameters, representative of the sea-ice ecosystem
  • Make a first tentative analysis of the effects of the predicted changes in the sea-ice horizon on the Arctic ecosystem.
  • To generate an accessible description of future changes in sea-ice biogeochemistry to focus scientific efforts, raise public awareness and facilitate climate policy making.

The workshop will aim to select appropriate variables and parameters, and provide evidence-based estimates of their changes within a pre-defined bandwidth of uncetainties. A two-step approach will be applied, which will involve quantifying the current status of the selected parameters/variables based on existing reviews and literature studies, before estimating changes for the selected paramters/variables over the coming decades, based on literature and modelling exercises.

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