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For over 60 years, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has been responsible for most of the UK’s scientific research in Antarctica. BAS, an institute of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), delivers and enables world-leading interdisciplinary research in the Polar Regions. Its skilled science and support staff based in Cambridge, Antarctica and the Arctic, work together to deliver research that uses the Polar Regions to advance our understanding of Earth and our impact on it. Through its extensive logistic capability and know-how BAS facilitates access for the British and international science community to the UK polar research operation.


Main Services

Marine Facilities

  • Access to the Antarctic marine ecosystem via Rothera Research base on the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Collection of biological material (e.g water samples) and animals (mainly invertebrates) at Rothera via SCUBA divers or boating
  • Biological material can be transported live to Cambridge or sampled in the Antarctic. Samples can be sent back to the UK either as cool stow (4°C) or frozen at either -20°C or -80°C
  • Temporary holding of animals in the Cambridge aquarium prior to collection by collaborators
  • Access to associated wet-lab facilities at Cambridge for basic analyses
British Antarctic Survey
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