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Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute


The Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute at St Eustatius is a facility that fosters scientific curiosity and supports scientific research, capacity building, knowledge development and dissemination, addressing issues and questions relevant to the sustainability of tropical small-island economies.

It is a field station on St Eustatius, in the Caribbean Netherlands, with research and outreach facilities and accommodation for visitors. CNSI facilitates research and outreach for a spectrum of disciplines addressing issues relevant to the sustainability of tropical small-island economies. CNSI officially opened on April 24, 2014. For ASSEMBLE Plus TA users, CNSI offers access to the unique, yet poorly studied, marine habitats of St Eustatius and to the nearby Saba Bank, the largest submarine atoll in the Atlantic Ocean and which has some of the richest marine biodiversity in the Caribbean Sea.

L.E. Saddlerweg
PO Box 65
NA St Eustatius Caribbean
Parent Member Country: 
The Netherlands

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