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Ghent University (UGENT) is a member of the Belgian EMBRC node, having joined forces in 2012 under the umbrella of Marine@UGent, a multidisciplinary marine-research consortium building a bridge between Ghent University and the Flanders Marine Institute.

Mission and research

  • to conduct interdisciplinary fundamental and applied research
  • to provide knowledge-based support for ecosystem-based management of marine resources for current and future generations
  • to provide high-level education for the next generation of marine scientists



UGent manages services under 5 facilities: experimental ecology, structural and chemical analysis (fatty acid, pigment, CN sediment, nutrient analyses, this infrastructure allowing a complete biochemical screening of marine organisms), molecular analysis optimised for highthroughput analysis, biological analysis (16 fish challenge tanks to support the fish caught with the help of VLIZ, to perform pathological experiments and histological analyses) and imaging facilities including state of the art microscopes (including digital imager to capture movement of live samples - Zebralab). UGent provides also provides access to technical staff for assistance or hands-on analysis.

Marine Biology Research Group, Ghent University
Campus Sterre S8, Krijgslaan 281
9000 Ghent
Parent Member Country: 

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