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Marine Station Ostend


The MSO (Marine Station Ostend) is the satellite laboratory by the sea for all Flemish marine scientists and is used within the scope of the European infrastructure networks LifeWatch, ICOS and EMBRC. The MSO is housed in four former warehouses at the Halve Maan site on the Ostend east bank, very close to the VLIZ buildings. The MSO provides access to the Belgian part of the North Sea. 



The MSO includes multifunctional laboratories, a storage depot for research equipment and a space for public activities. A wet and a dry biological laboratory, and a molecular and chemistry laboratory are installed in the warehouses, and a cold store containing three water tanks for marine organisms. Storage space for data and research equipment is also available. The MSO houses the core repository and a cold store (dimensions: 12 x 6 x 3m) for storing drill cores. A technical workshop to maintain ROV Genesis and other VLIZ equipment is also located in the MSO. VLIZ–MSO manages the RV Simon Stevin, a multidisciplinary research vessel for marine research in the Southern Bight of the North Sea and eastern part of the English Channel. Included is the ROV Genesis, deployable down to 1400m, which can be launched from the RV Simon Stevin and from smaller research vessels. One of the warehouses boasts a large space suitable for public activities. 

MSO offers not on-site accommodation, but Ostend hosts numerous hotels and restaurants. 

For questions regarding scientific installations and use, please contact VLIZ.

MSO buildings in Ostend

The MSO buildings in Ostend, Belgium

Halve Maan site
Slipwaykaai 2
8400 Oostende
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