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National Institute of Biology (NIB)

The National Institute of Biology (NIB) was founded in 1961. It is the third largest public research institute in the field of natural and life sciences in Slovenia and collaborates with universities (with over 85 Ph.D students and 30 postdocs over last ten years). NIB has been  the coordinator or partner on 18 EU FP6, FP7 and H2020 projects, and is involved in many other projects (ERMP/EMPIR, LIFE+, Interreg, EMPIR, Era net, Eco innovation and 32 national research projects or programmes etc). NIB research covers the fields of biodiversity and ecology in the errestrial and in marine environment, modelling of coastal ecosystems, -omics approaches, and biomedicine. NIB has a  marine station in Piran.

NIB will offer TA and will participate in NA2, NA4 and JRA1.

Vecna Pot 111
1000 Ljubljana
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