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The Ryan Institute is a cross-cutting Research Institute of NUI Galway with research groups drawn from all Colleges across NUI Galway, with internationally-renowned expertise spanning sciences, engineering, socio-economics and health. Advancing sustainability and innovation is central to the research activities of the Ryan Institute's Research Centres/Clusters and Research Groups. The Ryan Institute is comprised of 12 Research Centres/Clusters spanning the four thematic research areas,

  1. Marine & Coastal
  2. Energy & Climate Change
  3. Agriculture & BioEconomy
  4. Environment & Health

The Ryan Institute research support includes research admin support for over 500 active research grants, support for preparation of research grants and funding bids, supporting the functioning of the Research Centres/Clusters and the organisation of events and communication activities. The Ryan Institute’s 89 Research Groups span all five Colleges and are located across multiple locations across the NUI Galway campus, including the Martin Ryan Building, the Orbsen Building, Aras de Brun, the Engineering Building, the Science Concourse and Aras Loyola, amongst others. The Ryan Institute's core admin and technical staff are located in the Martin Ryan Building and the Orbsen Building.

The Ryan Institute has a number of dedicated core research facilities that is it responsible for or supporting, including:

  • GeoSpatial Analytics Facility 
  • Chemical Monitoring Facility 
  • Carna Aquaculture Research Station 
  • Carron & Finnavara Ecological Field Stations
  • Mace Head Climate Facility
Ryan Institute
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Galway, H91 TK33
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