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Tritonia Scientific Ltd.

Tritonia Scientific Ltd. (TSL) is a British spin-off based in Oban, Scotland. Up until April 2018, TSL operated as the UK’s National Facility for Scientific Diving, providing scientific and commercial diving support for over 20 UK universities and research institutions since 2002.  TSL retains the same facilities, staff and expertise that were present in the national facility.

TSL provides scientific and commercial diving services and are an NHS-registered hyperbaric therapy provider. The company focuses on innovation, research and development in these fields. The diving team are all researchers and have in the past suported, either directly or indirectly, such diverse topics as sea-level measurement, water-quality assessment, underwater light measurement, functional ecology, cell biology, animal genomics, paleoclimatology, ocean acidification, biogeochemistry, eco-physiology, habitat mapping and maritime science-based archaeology.

TSL is a member organisation of the UK Scientific Diving Supervisory Committee (SDSC) and represents the SDSC at the national level through the Health and Safety Executive Diving Industry Committee, and the international level at the European Scientific Diving Panel and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.

Their transnational access services are described on the TSL page. 


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