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University of the Basque Country/ Euskal Herriko University (UPV/EHU)

The Plentzia Marine Station is an institution of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), and is devoted to scientific and technological research, education, science dissemination and environmental awareness. It provides scientific expertise and technical advice to stakeholders. Its research is focused firstly on conducting high-quality experimentation under controlled wet lab and field conditions; secondly on studying phenomena in the areas of cell biology, molecular biology and genetics, experimental physiology, marine ecosystem health observation, experimental toxicology, pathology, stress biology and biopharmacy; and finally on applying advanced experimentation methodologies with marine organisms (in-vitro assays, omics, spectroscopy, cryotechnology, microscopy, image analysis, data treatment). The Ocean & Health Research Unit is aimed at developing tools for marine ecosystem health assessment (biomarkers, bioassays, biosensors, and biodiversity) and seafood quality/safety assurance. We optimise automation of modelling and calculation of integrative health indices in biomonitoring programmes. EHU is connected with Bilbao by Metro, a 15 min driving distance from the main Campus and Bilbao Airport & Technological Park. 

EHU will offer TA, will lead NA4 and will contribute to all networking work packages and JRA1, JRA3 and JRA4 and JRA5.

Barrio Sarriena S N
48940 Leioa Vizcaya
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