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ASSEMBLE Plus Results


The ASSEMBLE Plus publications collection

The publications produced in the context of ASSEMBLE Plus and its precursor project, AssembleMarine, are stored in our digital collection: click to search this collection. These publications arise from the Joint Reseach Activities (AssembleMarine's Marine model organisms and the ASSEMBLE Plus JRAs) and the projects carried out under ASSEMBLE Plus's Transnational Access programme. 

Click here to learn how to submit your own ASSEMBLE Plus-related publication to this collection, and how to acknowledge ASSEMBLE Plus in your work.

ASSEMBLE Plus requires that all its publications are Open Access (OA). To ensure maximum accessiblity, we have created the ASSEMBLE Plus Open Repository (A+OR) where fully- and partially-OA publications can be stored and included in our digital collection. Click here to learn more about what "OA" means, about the "A+OR", and about how to submit publications to it. 

The ASSEMBLE Plus datasets collection

A range of datasets collected from the ASSEMBLE Plus marine stations have been gathered together in the Marine Data Archive, and to this we are adding the datasets as they are produced by the JRAs. Click to browse the ASSEMBLE Plus datasets catalogue here.

Consortium project results

Click here to browse the consortium reporting (deliverables and presentations). For our press releases and newsletters, go to News.

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