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Datasets from the marine stations that particpate in ASSEMBLE Plus have been gathered together in our ASSEMBLE Plus data catalogue. Some of these datasets are open access, for others you can send an email to the contact address to request access. Two child collections – Long Term Ecosystem Datasets (LTEDS) and LTEDS: biological – have been created from these collected datasets. 

Datasets that are produced under the umbrella of ASSEMBLE Plus – the five Joint Research Activities of ASSEMBLE Plus (JRA1: genomic observatories, JRA2: cryobanking, JRA3: functional genomics, JRA4: marine instrumentation, JRA5: scientific diving) and the Transnational Access programme – will also be added to the ASSEMBLE Plus data catalogue as they are produced, and the majority of these will be open access data. 

The geographic scope of our datasets reflects the locations of our marine stations: from the North Sea around Europe to the Mediterranean, and further afield to the Antarctic and Caribbean. The themes covered by our datasets are broad: ecology and biodiversity, water composition (biotic and abiotic), fisheries, pollution, and many more. Click on the sunburst plot below to see the themes that are included in the collection (image on the left show the subthemes of the biological theme; image on the right shows all other themes and subthemes; clicking on a theme in the central circle will change the sunburst to display just for that one).  






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