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Access Provider Spotlight: Toralla Marine Science Station (ECIMAT)


Access Provider Spotlight: Toralla Marine Science Station (ECIMAT)

“We study how populations diverge despite gene flow in the process of speciation, a central question in evolutionary biology, using an iconic marine snail. The outstanding support and infrastructure provided by ECIMAT has made it possible to sample and conduct experiments on Galician rocky shores, generating exciting new data.”
Francesca Raffini and Roger Butlin, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK


Ecimat-UVigo is a support centre from the University of Vigo that offers state of the art facilities and specialised services for marine science located in Ría de Vigo (NW Spain). Ecimat offers access to the great marine diversity of the Southern Galician Rías for the collection and study of intertidal and subtidal biological resources and ecosystems. Researchers will benefit from the top level experimental facilities and the great expertise of Ecimat’s staff in aquaculture, ecotoxicology, sample processing and analysis, oceanography, cryobiology and compliance with ABS regulations among others. Ecimat is located in the outer part of Ría de Vigo which has high sea water quality for experiments.

  • Supply of marine biological resources collected from the natural environment or cultivated/maintained in collection.
  • Ecosystem access (coastal research vessels, sampling equipment, diving equipment and field lab).
  • Experimental facilities (aquaria and tanks, wet and dry labs and mesocosms).
  • Technology platforms (cryopreservation, bioassays and imaging).
  • Expert advice in benthic fauna identification, design of aquaculture experiments, and compliance with ABS regulations.


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