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Access Provider Spotlight: Institute of Marine Sciences at CNR (CNR-ISMAR)


Access Provider Spotlight: Institute of Marine Sciences at CNR (CNR-ISMAR)

“ISMAR in Venice is devoted to increase knowledge in all fields of oceanographic research, in particular on the surrounding lagoon, bearing in mind the environmental fragility and economic pressures that characterize this unique coastal area of the Adriatic”.


CNR-ISMAR provide direct and easy access to the lagoon of Venice, the largest wetland in Italy, with unique ecological characteristics in the context of the Mediterranean basin. This lagoon has been under anthropogenic siege for long time thus proving excellent opportunity to study environmental functioning and resilience to global stressors. Venice lagoon is also a known hotspot of non-indigenous species introductions within the Mediterranean Sea. The access to the Oceanographic Tower Acqua Alta, located at 8 nm offshore the lagoon and completely run by ISMAR, offers a unique experimental and observational platform in the North Adriatic Sea.

  • Urban channels, saltmarshes and coastal sites by small boats.
  • Oceanographic tower equipped with meteo-oceanographic sensors and underwater video recording system, capable to host researchers at sea for days.
  • Seawater aquaria room with regulated photoperiod and temperature.
  • Laboratories for samples manipulation, taxonomic identification, chemical and ecotoxicological assays.


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