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Access Provider Spotlight: Marine Biological Association (MBA)


Access Provider Spotlight: Marine Biological Association (MBA)

“To work at the MBA, the very place of expertise on algae model system E. huxleyi, is a unique opportunity for me to learn and evaluate new and established methods and techniques on assessing algal and viral life cycles.  I enjoyed excellent support and discussions with research staff, which together with the informative experiments I conducted at MBA’s well-run and -equipped facilities translate directly into my research.”
Dr Carina Büttner, CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology, Masaryk University


The MBA’s state of the art research facilities are housed in the Citadel Hill Laboratory located in the historic maritime city of Plymouth.  This ideal coastal location offers easy access to a wide range of marine ecosystems.  All access to the MBAs research facilities and platforms comes with full technical support.  The expertise available to visitors is well demonstrated by the MBA Research Programme, which is conducted by interdisciplinary teams led by world renowned PI level scientists in the fields of molecular and cell biology and ecology of marine organisms, from marine microbes and viruses through to giant kelps and marine megafauna.  The MBA has a long and distinguished history of welcoming visiting researchers from around the globe.

  • Coastal ecosystems (estuarine, near-shore, off-shore, inter-tidal and sub-tidal)
  • Fully crewed 25m Research Vessel
  • MBA Culture Collection of 400 strains and species of eukaryotic phytoplankton
  • Research Aquarium with a full range of tank sizes supplied by natural seawater straight from the sea
  • Cell and Molecular Biology facility with well-equipped labs for cell culturing and all aspects of molecular biology
  • World class microscopy suite equipped with a range of advanced equipment for live cell imaging also with electrophysiology capability
  • National Marine Biological Library


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