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Access Provider Spotlight: National Institute of Biology (NIB)


Access Provider Spotlight: National Institute of Biology (NIB)

The Marine Biology Station Piran is the only institution for marine research and monitoring of seawater quality in Slovenia. Research groups pursue research in the fields of biological, chemical and physical oceanography.


The Northern Adriatic is known as unique environment with many diverse habitats and communities, shaped also by peculiar environmental parameters. The facilities at Marine Biology Station Piran make the way to study functioning of coastal marine habitats, biodiversity from genes to species composition and diversity of habitats, pollution effects and other anthropogenic impacts on environment. Infrastructural centre offers access to variety of habitats by R/V Sagita and smaller boat, 1.5 NM away from coastline is oceanographic buoy, Vida.

  • Equipment for molecular biology, microbiology, ecotoxicology
  • Facilities for taxonomy, microscopy, growth chambers with adjustable photoperiod and temperature
  • Chemical laboratories for pollutants analysis
  • Diving base and aquaria for variety of experiments
  • Oceanographic buoy, Vida, with oceanographic and meteorological sensors


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