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Access Provider Spotlight: Husö Biological Station (HBS)


Access Provider Spotlight: Husö Biological Station (HBS)

“HBS is simply a wonderful place to work at: Located on the Baltic Sea, surrounded by a fantastic landscape and nature, full of history, perfectly equipped for field and mesocosm experiments, with incredibly friendly staff that do everything to make you feel right at home and make the experiments a success. I am very grateful for the many advices to accomplish my field work on the Åland Islands! I had an unforgettable time at HBS, and I hope to be there again sometime.”
Sabine Filker, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany


HBS, founded in 1959, offers facilities for sampling, experiments and analyses in brackish waters as well as lakes, incl. meromictic. Located centrally, HBS enables access to a wide range of coastal habitats and ecosystems. HBS offers background data on long-term changes of coastal waters. HBS has a long tradition of conducting experimental and field research in shallow coastal ecosystems.

  • Access to northern Baltic  Sea archipelago and coastal ecosystems
  • Facilities for laboratory and field experiments and analytical services
  • SCUBA diving facility
  • FINMARI experimental facilities and shallow water sonar equipment


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