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Trait-based Approach to Seagrass Ecosystems

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2018.10.03 - 2018.10.05

Trait-based Approach to Seagrass Ecosystems

The rationale of the workshop is to understand how functional traits scale upwards to crucial ecosystem functions and response to climate changes. We will take advantage of the knowledge acquired by existing and mostly connected seagrass research community, but we will also invite scientists already studying functional traits in other plant systems. Hence, the workshop will bring together experts and key players from different disciplines in marine seagrass research (eco-physiology, microbiology, transcriptomics, proteomics, biogeochemistry, physics, ecology and more), as well as researchers involved in the trait-based approach in terrestrial plants. The workshop emerges as the natural next step of a previous COST action (ES0906 Seagrass productivity: from genes to ecosystem management) in which the first comprehensive picture of the functioning of the P. oceanica ecosystem has been provided by linking a wide range of organization levels (from genes to physiology and from plant to ecosystem: Mazzuca et al., 2013; Procaccini et al., 2017; Santos et al., in prep).

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