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Short-term staff exchange at ASSEMBLE Plus marine stations


Short-term staff exchange at ASSEMBLE Plus marine stations


Europe's leading marine research service providers are collaborating in the ASSEMBLE Plus project. In order to promote capacity building and sharing of best practices on how to improve the provision of research services at a marine research institute, ASSEMBLE Plus is offering possibilities for short-term staff exchange in which staff in one partner institute can visit another institute in the ASSEMBLE Plus Consortium to learn or share their experience and knowledge.


The grant contributes to travel costs, meals and accommodation. The visiting staff member’s salary, and all necessary insurance are to be covered by the home institute.


The grant is intended for staff involved in service provision such as research engineers and technological, technical and administrative staff at any marine institute in the ASSEMBLE Plus consortium. The agreement must be between the partner institutes. Any contracts required are also the responsibility of the partner institutes. The visit must be transnational meaning that the sending partner institute and the hosting partner institute have to be in different countries.


We envisage visits from 1-3 weeks would be adequate. Longer stays are also possible if financial support from the visitor’s institution are provided.


An institute wishing to send a staff member to another institute should first contact the potential hosting institute Liaison Officer. If agreed by the hosting institute, a proposal should then be prepared by the sending institute and sent to with a cc to the hosting institute Liaison Officer.

The proposal should be no longer than 5 pages (using this form) including a 1-page CV of the employee, work plan during the stay, expected objectives/outcomes of the stay, reasons why the particular hosting institute was selected, an explanation why the exchange would be beneficial for scientific service provision in the sending institute, and a provisional budget in € specifying foreseen costs for travel, lodging and subsistence.


The call closes on Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 13.00 CET. A selection committee will select among the submitted proposals and we aim at informing successful applicants by the end of November.

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