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The ASSEMBLE Plus 2021 Conference, "Marine biological research at the frontier", took place online between 18th and 29th January. View ASSEMBLE Plus Conference 2021 recordings here. There will be a final ASSEMBLE Plus Conference in 2022. To receive updates, please sign up to our newsletter. 

ASSEMBLE Plus integrates over 30 marine biological stations and installations from various regions of the world's oceans and seas. Scientists from academia, industry and policy can make use of marine stations and their services applying for funding through the Transnational Access programme.


ASSEMBLE Plus is a consortium of 26 organisations from 16 countries operating under the umbrella of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC-ERIC). Gathered also within ASSEMBLE Plus are five Joint Research Activities and four Networking Activities which have the aim of sharing research experience and research data and promoting FAIR data principles.

Partners and access providers in ASSEMBLE Plus (click to expand).



Implications of the COVID-19 outbreak on the Transnational access programme


Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the ASSEMBLE Plus consortium would like to let you know that all users who successfully got grants through our Transnational Access programme will have their trips postponed to further notice

We hope to come back to normal function to be able to host you and to perform your research project. Our liaison officers can give you more details on when this will be possible.

The ASSEMBLE Plus team keeps functioning so do not hesitate to reach us at amt@embrc.eu for any questions, or to contact your access providers for any concern relating to your access.


Following on from the successful workshop on FAIR data management held at VLIZ in June, a new webpage on FAIR data management for JRAs, for TA users, and for our marine stations has been created. Go here to learn more. 



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